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Suscol Intertribal Council is a community-based, 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1972 and reactivated in 1992, seeking to bring healing between the existing population and the people who historically inhabited Napa Valley and nearby counties.

The mission of Suscol Intertribal Council is to develop and maintain a Native American "Suskol House" in Chiles-Pope Valley, located in the northeastern corner of Napa County, California. The land project will be a sustainable, environmentally-friendly, open space whose living sculpture building will be used as a prototype incubator project, as well as preserve and protect Native American sacred sites and traditions. Suscol Council is dedicated to preserving human rights for indigenous people by linking with other NGOs around the world. 

Since 1992, Suscol Council has developed local educational outreach programs for public schools (K-14), community clubs, and other organizations. Suscol Council develops contracts with organizations that seek to connect with California tribes or urban Indians. Suscol Council has developed a mentorship program to help California Native people make connections with agencies, foundations, and corporations that might be helpful to them.

Suscol Council is located in the Napa Valley, believed to be one of the oldest inhabited areas in North America. There is, however, no longer a land-based tribe in this county, due to historical mass relocation and detrimental exposure to diseases.  
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Suscol in the Patwin language means "wet and green," describing the marsh area of the southern crossing freeway area south of Napa city. 

Suscol is the name of a Patwin village site that was being desecrated in the early 1970's. During this time "Suscol Indian Council" formed to stop that desecration and was instrumental in starting what is now the Native American Heritage Commission in Sacramento. They developed California state-wide protocols for handling Native American remains and archeological sites. 
"Suskol House"  
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"Everybody counts!"
Suscol Intertribal Council has partnered with Census 2020 to reach the Hard to Count Populations, specifically the Native American population of Napa Valley and surrounding areas. With the Covid-19 emergency, the census has been extended. Starting August 1st, the households that haven't responded will be visited by Census 2020 enumerators.
Visit 2020census.gov to learn the ways you can respond.
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