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​The final curricula encompasses the vital nature of California's history from the Native American perspective.  Inclusive of the idyllic pre-history context, to the atrocities as Euro-settlers invaded the continent and ultimately California. The result was a trauma so severe it embedded into the DNA. The historical trauma of the land's first peoples is presented with a healing element to create further understanding.     

The series is presented in five workshops. This allows the participants to absorb and process this horrific untold story. Any person with an interest to learn the truth of what occurred in Napa County and the regions of Northern California for personal or professional reasons is welcome to inquire about next workshops.  This will create a historical context for cross-cultural understanding with Indigenous people. For educators, health professionals or the general public who desire broader education about the regions first peoples. 

Native American Historical Trauma & Traditional Healing Project
Beginning in 2018, Suscol Intertribal Council began work on this pilot project, funded through the Napa County Mental Health Service Act Innovation Funds. A cultural advisory board made up of California Native American elders and cultural specialists along with Suscol staff developed a curriculum with a mental health lens on the historical hardships Native Americans faced and continue to deal with in contemporary times due to colonization.
Suscol Intertribal Council staff are available to present these workshops to your organization, business, or community.  Please contact us for more information. 
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