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Links to Native American and Friends' Sites
Love Bomb:http://www.lovebombthemovie.com/ 

Harms Farm log: Drought Interviews

General Manager of Straw Bale Construction: Bob Theis

Kevin Village Stone / Kiwamura: performer, composer, artist, traditional storyteller and 2007 Native American Music Awards Nominee
Washte Kohla Intertribal Association-WKIA

BALI Institute for Global Renewal: www.baliinstitute.org

www.crowsonthenose.com and www.spiritualrivers.com

Powwows Calendars:   www.powwows.comwww.500nations.com

United Nations: Economic and Social Justice Council

Indian organization Indian Canyon: www.indiancanyon.org

California Indian Gaming Association (CNIGA): www.cniga.com

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

UNA-USA East Bay: www.unausaeastbay.org

North County Times, the Californian www.nctimes.com

Lincoln Family from Round Valley Indian Reservation: Hinthel.org

Native American Crafts and Supplies: Mountainpipes

Milo Paquin: Wolflady
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Friendship House Association of American Indians, Inc. of San Francisco

EARTH PEOPLES: www.earthpeoples.org

Join Together Direct (Funding opportunities)

California Lifeline: Free telephone disabled equipment pilot program for the blind, low vision and mobility problems.

President Obama and the Native American Community:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/nativeamericans/resources

The International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence: www.stoprapeinconflict.org

​1000 Hummingbirds, All Women All Nations: 1000hummingbirds.concarino.org

Rehab Information: http://www.rehabinfo.net/

"Mud Balls" learn more at: http://healthyearth.ca/?page_id=324

Order your "Mud Ball" supplies at:  scdprobiotics.com