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Hilario Mata
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Board of Directors.
Suscol Council Cultural Advisory Committee
April Jackson,

Born in Lakeport California . April is a descendant of the Pomo and Cun Cow Tribes of California. She is a third generation basket maker and craftswoman (verified from available records in addition to family oral tradition). April is the mother of three children, has an adopted daughter and has twelve grandchildren. Her time is spent helping to impart to them and the Indian community the values and discipline which were once the way of life of her people. April currently serves on several tribal committees and is a strong voice for traditional values. She has an ultimate dream of having a place where Indian people can come to find a way of life free from drugs and alcohol and regain the ways and values of traditional Indian culture. 

Ronald W. Lincoln Sr.,

of Pomo, Wylackii, and Kankow descent, is a registered member of the Round Valley Indian Reservation. He has 26 years experience in tribal governance and administration. He is the culture bearer for his tribe, does outreach, and travels through Mendocino, Sonoma , and Napa counties as an advisor and consultant.

Sal Garcia,

is a Coastal Pomo from Manchester, Pt Arena and Stewart's Point. He is the PEI Outreach Coordinator for Suscol Inter-tribal Council and works hard to keep his family traditions alive to share with future generations. Sal runs the Suscol Talking circle at the Suscol Office. 
Ursula Marrufo

Pomo/Wappo decent registered with her Redwood Valley Pomo tribe in Redwood Valley. She is Culture bearer for her Redwood Valley Pomo. She is experienced in regalia making, songs, dances and traditions of her Pomo and Coast Pomo heritage. She is Field representative for TEAM & CHANGES contracts with telecommunications and energy education program to Native Community in four county areas.(Lake, Mendocino, Sonoma, & Napa)
Coleen McCloud,

is of Pomo-Wappo descent, is a registered member of the Stewarts Point Rancheria (Kashaya). She is experienced in the making of regalia and has for many years taught her family and tribal traditions. She is the culture bearer for her tribe at Kashaya. 
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