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Suscol Programs
Suscol Council's Prevention and Early Intervention Program (P. E. I) is  designed to support the local Native American Community in Napa County. The program goals will be to create culturally structured activities and events that will strengthen family bonds and improve mental health and wellness for all ages. For more information on our program and up coming activities/events please use our contact info listed below or click below on groups and classes icon.

Lidia Soriano
Office Manager/P.E.I/Program Coordinator
email: lidia@suscolcouncil.org

Sal Garcia
P.E.I Outreach Coordinator
​email: sal@suscolcouncil.org

Prevention and Early Intervention Program (P.E.I.)
Suscol Intertribal Council has several contracts with the CPUC to educate consumers about phone & utilities usage please contact us for more info.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) TEAM Program Telecommunications Education and Assistance in Multiple Languages. Suscol Intertribal Council is a contracted agency to assist Native Americans and those living in rural and remote areas to resolve issues or complaints with phone companies. A component of this project is to educate the consumer about how to resolve complaints and to reduce phone costs by understanding phone bill. Also to apply for eligible programs such as Enhanced Lifeline for Tribal lands. This program is specific to people living on tribal lands who are income qualified to have lifeline phone service for as little as $1 dollar per month. Please contact Suscol Council office if you have any questions concerning phone services or complaints about phone service. A field representative is available to come to your tribal office, business or agency to educate your clients about lower cost programs they may be eligible for.

Click Here to view our PSA about TEAM

C.H.A.N.G.E.S. is a similar program such as TEAM sponsored by CPUC but focused on utilities electricity and gas. Educational outreach and assistance to sign up for low cost programs through Electric and gas companies such as 
CARE provides monthly discount on energy bills for income qualified households. 

  • FERA Provides monthly discount on electric bills for income qualified households of 3 -or more persons. 
  • REACH one time assistance to pay for bill due to unforeseen hardship 
  • HEAP federally funded subsidy program provides income qualified households with bill assistance 
  • Medical Baseline Residential customers dependent on life-support equipment may be eligible to receive additional quantities of energy at lowest baseline price 
  • Also Third party Notification and Energy Efficiency Rebates again contact Suscol for more information or educational programs for your agency, tribe 

 Education Outreach 

Educational outreach lectures and hands-on learning for young children age appropriate activates or storytelling for children pre-school through college level presentations about contemporary Native Americans as well as historical perspectives. Please contact the office for more information or to set up a presentation: Phone (707) 256-3561 or email: suscol@suscol.net

Sponsored by Suscol Inter-Tribal Council with funding from the Napa County Mental Health Division’s Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI) Component.
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