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Suskol House
Suskol House is a 20 acre site in Northeastern part of Napa County being used to preserve, disseminate and protect the Native American traditions, songs, dances, basketry and ceremonies of indigenous peoples of the Americas (Abyala). The environment is being developed with experimental and state of the art construction innovations which will be a blend of traditional and very modern adaptations such as strawbale earth plaster. Also under immediate discussion and hopefully, implementation a combination of very recently patented methodologies of wall surface applications; bamboo core walls, waffle foundations that would intensely minimize the use of trees (wood) and cement creating a ZERO footprint! Suscol is implementing perma culture garden techniques minimizing need for water maximizing use of organic matter and compost. Of course major fundraising and outreach is ongoing!

Timeline of the Suskol House Cultural Center:

Nov 7, 2002 - Mortgage paid off

December, 2003 – Declared exempt from California State taxes

March, 2004 – Preliminary Design Phase completed

March, 2006 - Water source developed and piped to site 

June, 2006 - Entrance and culvert completed 

July, 2006 - Arbor poles set and ready for cover 

July-October, 2007 - Arbor poles covered and cedar trees planted next to poles

September, 2007-2008 - Arbor Ceremony

July, 2008 to October, 2010 - Prototypes of straw bale and cob huts (Earth, Starr and Sunrise Lodge) built 

2013– Phase II: Raise funds and start Construction of “Suskol House”

2015- In permit phase for Bamcore construction. Soliciting donations and volunteers for ground maintenance. 

2018- Begin construction for land based project for Sustainable Earthquake Resistant! Fire resistant constriction, house as a replicable model to minimize use of trees, water and totally off the grid.

Click here to see the Suskol House Design

Suscol Council is seeking donations from various foundations to fund the design and construction of Suskol House.

While final planning proceeds we continue the arduous task of raising funds through special events and individual donations. Permits have been obtained and funding, construction of the Arbor has begun with donated labor and materials. The Arbor is an outdoor arena that will be shaded with willow branches and cedar trees and, as it has no foundation or walls, has not required permits to construct. The ground has been graded, the posts and beams are in place. 

The Property has been officially designated as “open space” by the State of California.

Charlie Toledo, Chair of Building Committee of Suskol House Project
Photo Gallery: Click Thumbnails Below
Thanks so much to Erica Ann, Straw Bale Construction Assistant, Day One Design. Here are Erica's blog posts documenting the creation of the Suscol Straw Bale hut. 
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Sunrise Lodge Construction, Summer 2010