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 Suscol's 21st Annual Pow-wow was a huge success, Thank you to all of the Dancers, Drummers, arena staff and volunteers 

Pow-wow Volunteers 21st Annual August 2nd-3rd, 2014
Dana Nelson/ kitchen coordinator; Dan Nelson/ cook; Sophia Buttny/ kitchen; Jasmine Guinn/ kitchen; Monica Smith-Braun/kitchen; Tom McMahon/ overall set-up kitchen; Cheryl King-McMahon/overall set-up kitchen; Kirk Sinan/ set & clean-up; Bruce Streblow/ truck set& clean up; Charlotte Dormer/ kitchen; Felix Bedolla/ dinner; Tiffany Hohaia; Gianna Hohaia; Genevieve Hohaia; Jonas Hohaia/kitchen support; Hilario Mata/info table; Bob Craig/ info table; Nicholas Sutter/ set-up; Anibal Parado/cook; Isabelle Parado/kitchen support; Charlie Toledo/overall everything; Rosa Noble/ set-up; Jey Buzenes/ set-up, food donations, dinner; Bianca Buzenes/ set-up; Shania Jaramillo/food prep; Zenda Crabtree/ food prep; Charlie Richardson Vet’s Home rep/overall set & clean-up; Richard Diwald/ breakfast & support; Olivia/ frybread queen; Jacob Reyes/support; *Jacob¹s dad/support; Sal Garcia/ fireman, set & clean-up; Shirley 
Mugaria/set & clean-up; Chester McCloud/info table support

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